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Lyle Crump

Lyle Crump

Toronto, On


Lyle Crump Artist Statement

Quantum Universe

Reality is far beyond what you have ever imagined it to be.

The old paradigm of reality of what is just what can be observed within the electromagnetic spectrum is the tip of the iceberg within the quantum reality universe.

So called dark energy makes up most of the universe. It is called dark because it exists outside the realm of matter that reflects light.

Most of the balance of reality comes from dark matter, so called dark because it does not reflect light. 80% of reality is invisible or “dark matter” while ordinary matter makes up only 4% of the matter. The rest of the of the universe is invisible energy.

Thirty years ago, that 4% was the entire acknowledged universe.

The visible universe is accelerating forever. Something is pulling it, faster and faster.

Every thing that is “physical” radiates energy from the life force that permeates everything. Air, Fire, Earth and Water all are imbued with the radiant life force vibrating at a multitude of frequencies within multiple dimensions, simultaneously. This energy is within everything, and it unifies everything. We are all one at this level, Regardless if we are aware of it or not, what we see is a reflection of the invisible energy the fills the universe and animates it.

Our life energy comes from the non physical and can be expressed into the physical realm as long as the physical body is healthy enough to let it animate it. Death results when the physical body can no longer provide the resources for the incarnate one (You) to express into the physical levels.

We are one with the universe. We are an integral part of it. We either experience it or not. If we do not experience it, it does not mean that this truth is not true; it would then mean that we have not yet experienced it consciously.

Oneness is experienced in the moment as one lives in the moment. My work is about being in the moment and what one can start to see as we come into being in the moment.

While being in the moment I feel the energy of the Quantum Universe all around me. I see and feel it within and all around me.

Multi-dimensional fields of engery shift and flow within the Quantum Universe.

I strive to let my work to reflect what I see and how I see, with in and around me. We are all part of the field of energy that surrounds us and is within us. Reality is a field of multiple dimensions interacting and interrelating together in one larger field or matrix.

I strive to make visible the invisible, revealing the underlying consecutiveness of all of reality. I am a digital painter of the Quantum Landscape through the melding of the medium’s of digital landscape painting and photography.



Graduate of the Ontario College of Art, Experimental Arts Dept, 1975


2002 to present Off the Wall, Toronto, Ontario
1998 Sarah’s Café, Toronto, Ontario
1995/96 Health Focus, Toronto, Ontario
1995 Eye of the Storm Café, Toronto, Ontario (Group Show)
1994 Kaos Restaurant, Peterborough, Ontario
1993 Oscar’s Bistro, Toronto, Ontario
1992 Zandros Salon, Toronto, Ontario
1991/93 Jake’s Restaurant, Toronto, Ontario
1991 Roundup 91, Toronto, Ontario
1990 Roundup 90, Toronto, Ontario
1990 Forsyth Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1989 The Situation Gallery, Toronto, Ontario (Group Show)
1989 M.T.C.VA. Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario (Group Show)
1988 Concept 2 Gallery/Café, Vancouver, B.C.
1988 Hair Club Gallery/Salon, Vancouver, B.C.
1988 Taff’s Café, Vancouver, B.C.
1988 Fettucini’s Restaurant, Vancouver, B.C.
1988 Vancouver Community Arts Council Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
1987 ZEN Café, Vancouver, B.C.
1987 Taff’s Café, Vancouver, B.C.
1987 Cosmic Creations Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
1987 Pot’s Restaurant, Vancouver, B.C.
1986 Taff’s Café, Vancouver, B.C.
1986 Pot’s Restaurant, Vancouver, B.C.
1985 Studio 1 Gallery/Salon, Vancouver, B.C.
1985 AMS Art Gallery, U.B.C., Vancouver, B.C.
1985 Phoenix Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
1984 Forty Nineth Parallel Gallery, White Rock, B.C. (Group Show)
1975 “Voices” Group Show of O.C.A. students and graduates, Peterborough, Ont.
1974 Sir Sanford Fleming College Invitational Art Exhibition, Peterborough, Ont.
1972-75 Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Ont. (Group Shows)
1971-74 Kawartha Arts Festival, Peterborough, Ont.


Forest In The Mist 2 by Lyle Crump


Gentle Sailing by Lyle Crump


Gentle Sailing Two by Lyle Crump


Green Truck by Lyle Crump


Heading Out At Sunset by Lyle Crump


Hole In The Cloud by Lyle Crump


In The Sunlight by Lyle Crump


Infrared Autumn Leaves by Lyle Crump


Infrared Mountain by Lyle Crump


Insect On A Leaf by Lyle Crump


Inside Looking Out by Lyle Crump


ION by Lyle Crump



Large Pink Rose by Lyle Crump


Light And A Door by Lyle Crump


Light On The Leaves BW by Lyle Crump


Light On The Leaves by Lyle Crump


Lone Man Shopping by Lyle Crump


Lost Valley by Lyle Crump


Lost Valley Two by Lyle Crump


Lost Valley Three by Lyle Crump


Low Tide Afternoon by Lyle Crump


Low Tide Afternoon Two by Lyle Crump


Low Tide Afternoon Three by Lyle Crump


Low Tide Sunset At English Bay by Lyle Crump


Low Tide Sunset At English Bay Two by Lyle Crump


Mount Cayley by Lyle Crump


My Jeep CJ 5 by Lyle Crump


One Night In 1976 by Lyle Crump


Pipes by Lyle Crump


Red Leaves On The Pavement by Lyle Crump


Ridge On Garibaldi Mountain by Lyle Crump


Sailboats In A Marina by Lyle Crump


Sign Of The Times by Lyle Crump


Spider Eggs Among The Leaves by Lyle Crump


Still Water Swimming by Lyle Crump


Still Water Swimming 2 by Lyle Crump


Still Water Swimming 3 by Lyle Crump


Still Water Swimming 4 by Lyle Crump


Storm Cloud by Lyle Crump


Stream In The Gravel by Lyle Crump


Stream In The Gravel Two by Lyle Crump


Stream In The Gravel Three by Lyle Crump


Street Light by Lyle Crump


Street Light Two by Lyle Crump


Summer At The Beach by Lyle Crump


Summer At The Beach Two by Lyle Crump


Summer At The Beach Three by Lyle Crump


Sun In The Mountain Mist by Lyle Crump